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Marilyn can tailor her presentations for any age or grade level.  

She focuses her talks primarily on the writing process; exploring the different ways in which ideas are developed into stories.   Through the creation of characters with distinct personalities, story ideas are born.  When characters are well defined and understood by their creator, ideas flow.  By simply imagining what your character would do in a given situation, stories often “write themselves”. Marilyn also stresses the importance of outlining story ideas before the actual writing begins, focusing on the importance of having a beginning, middle and end to the story in mind. 

With a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree as well, Marilyn addresses the stages of development in creating art for a book format, from rough sketches to finished illustrations. Her extensive experience in children’s television includes working with Disney, Warner Brothers, Hanna-Barbera, Jim Henson, NBC, ABC, PBS, BBC and Showtime. Marilyn discusses the intricacies involved in taking an idea from its inception to the finished animated or live-action production.  Drawing upon her experience working with Disney on the preschool show, "Handy Manny", Marilyn explains the different stages of production, beginning with simple story outlines, following through with script development, character design, rough animation layouts to the finished animation.  

Marilyn loves to autograph books for students as it gives her the opportunity to interact directly with each child.  Books can be ordered through local bookstores or directly from the publishers at a discount.

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