Kirkus Review for Charlie Piechart and the Case of the Missing Pizza Slice

Pizza night brings a mystery, and plenty of math, to the Piechart household.

Charlie's family of five is joined by his friend Lewis, which means that if they order a large pizza, each of them will get two slices.

But can they agree on toppings?

Four-sixths want nothing to do with veggies, and no one wants anchovies. Pepperoni it is. But between the pizza's arrival and its serving, one piece has gone missing.

Charlie goes into full detective mode (his dog is even named Watson!) and hunts for clues, then turns to his five suspects…though maybe he should include one more.

Comstock and Sadler give readers plenty of exposure to fractions in both written and pie-chart form: fittingly, Charlie's body is a round pie chart that changes to reflect the math around him.

The authors find sneaky ways to seamlessly add more and more fractions to the tale while at the same time upping the humor: Charlie has his sisters do the burp test to see if they are guilty.

Debut illustrator Comstock's digital artwork is a retro-modern throwback, from the red, white, mustard, and turquoise palette to the asterisk designs on the plates and the furniture shapes.

Kids will have fun following Charlie as he solves the mystery and reinforce their fraction skills along the way (Math picture book, 4-8).

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