Marilyn Sadler, author and writer

With a degree in fine arts, Marilyn assumed she would be an illustrator.

But when early in her career she was presented with an opportunity to write, she seized it and quickly discovered that she had found her true love. No sad, sappy stories for her, however. Marilyn likes to make herself laugh and her characters usually end up looking pretty silly for one reason or another. Read more... 

Marilyn Sadler, Author & Writer


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Alice from Dallas

Bestselling author and illustrator Marilyn Sadler and Ard Hoyt team up to create a rollicking tale of friendship that will have readers dancing the Texas Two-Step and shouting “Yee-haw,” no matter where they’re from. 


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Creating a Children's Book

I'm always excited when I visit an elementary school and discover that children are creating books before they can even write!  By dictating their stories to their teachers, they learn how to structure their ideas and even create illustrations to go along with them.

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